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What to Expect after Your Website is created

Building a Website:
From appearance to the functionality, from easy navigation to value experience and coding, a lot goes into creating an impressive Website which is not only informative but delivers a satisfying user experience. The World Wide Web would not have existed without websites. Web is a massive collection of millions of websites and may be more which anyone close to a browser can access. Building a website, and a good one at that requires careful and thoughtful planning on your part which has a lot more than schemes, colors and fonts to consider.
Before you start to do anything else, its important that you set a basic map in your head. Surely you might have ran these things in your mind like deciding what your website shall do and accomplish. And do you want it to be an open forum where you could voice out your opinions or knowledge about your field/ profession? Or you want it to be a blog site, message board, ecommerce site. Which Web Design Agency you shall get for creating layout and Web Design for your site?
The options are endless and you should know exactly what your website shall be for. You shall require the services of Web Design Agency & Web Development Company to work together so that such a website is created that is located and ranked high among search engines, targeted web users can visit it easily, and customers are engaged to stimulate conversions.
That is a lot isn’t it? Fortunately listed below is a guideline that shall allow you to know exactly what to do and things to consider after you have built your website.
Things to Consider after Your Website is Built:
Here are the integral steps involved after your website is built:
Tech Support & Updates:
Wordpress shows available updates on the dashboard and it updates itself behind the scenes. Bug fixes and new features are involved in the plugin updates along with security too. The updates are not only for security but also to enhance and further improve the performance of WordPress, theme or plugin. All you need to do is install a WP Updates Notifier so that you are informed timely.
The second thing to consider is tech support. Problems and fixes do arise and one cannot expect to sit back and wait for it to resolve itself. Therefore it is essential that you retain your visitors and do not let problems ruin their experience. This can be done only with having a tech support department so that any issues with the server or the Web Design can be resolved.
It is essential for the web development company that you choose for building your website to be equipped with a great support system for efficient monthly website maintenance. Visit plans/ for some really great packages for monthly website maintenance.
Monthly Website Maintenance:
Website maintenance is extremely important not only to enhance the user experience but also to boost and grow your business. As stated earlier, updates are essential for a website to run smoothly. Your website like an appliance or machinery that you have, and needs to be checked each month to see whether it is working properly or not. Like a machine maintenance, you also need monthly website maintenance.
A number of steps are involved in this like testing of device, form, layout, link as well as content updates. This activity needs to be carried out to ascertain that your website is running smoothly and includes adding new content to the website.
24/7 Uptime Monitoring:
Every business has a website nowadays so that they can connect to a larger audience. And the businesses which are pure-players solely function through a website. Uptime of a website matters a lot.
Do you know even a 1 second delay in page response could result in 7% reduction in conversions? We wouldn’t want that now would we? 24/7 uptime monitoring shall allow you to customize the way your system lets you know of a glitch so that the best possible process could be opted to solve it.
Few seconds of a glitch could cause you revenue and traffic therefore, you need to stay ahead of customer complaints and be able to pick up any potential issues before they arise. Uptime monitoring of your website shall save your money and resource because the software will be doing the job for you and keeping you informed right away when any problems occur so you address them and fast.
Proper Hosting:
Next we have on the list, proper hosting. With content marketing, your goal is to have more and more users visit your site to read it. If you fail to choose a good web hosting company, your customers and target audience shall not be able to see your blog and posts. This could lead to loss of revenue. If your site is always down, it shall impact greatly and negatively on your SEO ranking. So it is vital that you get services of a reliable and quality web hosting company so your site remains safe and accessible. Good hosting services have a great customer support department as well as excellent uptime record and how vital they are for your site we have discussed above.
Moreover a good hosting service shall also scale and update in order to accommodate to increasing traffic. One such hosting company is which excels in providing excellent web hosting services.
An Emergency Plan in Place:
The essence of all security efforts that we make and measure we take are for keeping our site safe from hackers. When Lenovo’s site can be hacked it gives us all the more reason to have an emergency plan in place to prevent from hacking and if such misfortune arises, keep the damage less.
An essential step is regular update and maintenance during this the backups of information are made as well. This helps you in having all the valuable information should your site be hacked. And you could restore your site back to it. If you find that someone has inserted a code for hacking, being able to switch to safe version is a lifesaver. Regular backups may be recommended hourly, daily or weekly depending upon the complexity and activity level of your website. Backing up databases should be part of the emergency plan as well.
Secondy, web hosting. Web hosting basically stores the site’s files. It is a responsibility that requires frequent maintenance and updates. What we do is that we put our site’s files on the hosts’ server and ask our domain to direct to them when someone types in the URL of your site. It is the administrator’s duty to create backups and ensure it is copied off the web server. When you have web hosting you usually register your domain though the host but registering it elsewhere is important so that hackers do not transfer it away from web host and making retrieval difficult.
Security is extremely important for your Website in this time of raging competition. There are backup and security plugins that balance the security of your website. In terms of WordPress Security, you need to consider 3 things:
Update WP core, themes and plugins.
Install and configure a security plugin properly
Install backup plugins and schedule backups.
You have the option of WP Security and Firewall having numerous features and the Security Strength Master telling you about your progress. Moreover you have SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which makes your site lot safer to use especially if it has customer’s personal information.
The function of getting an SSL certificate is that it provides the user with an encrypted path laid out between the browser and web server. You can tell if an SSL certificate is being brought to use as it shows itself in the form of a locked padlock symbol on the address bar before the https:// in the address bar. SSL certificate is a must if you require personal and sensitive information from your customers on your website.
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