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From Start to Finish, here's exactly what you can expect.

  1. Needs Discovery:

  2. Client Status Discovery Checklist:

  3. Internal Competitive Analysis

  4. Setting the Expectations:

  5. Magical Website Discovery Survey:

  6. Schedule Strategy Session Conference Call to review everything above.

  7. Create & Finalize Project Specs. Get an accurate quote/timeline, get approved by client, Kent then has client sign agreement & pay. Once agreement & invoice is taken care of, Project Curator or Project Manager will schedule project in Wrike and invite everyone involved.

  8. Design Phase: Then send to developer to start design. Once finalized start development phase.

  9. Development Phase: Project Manager will be the liaison between developer and client until website is built and approved before deadline date.

  10. QA Phase: Project Curator will have QA Team to beat up website within 7 days, and provide report to developer to fix any/all issues.

  11. Website Reveal: We will deliver the website to the client as “The Big Reveal” and get their feedback.

  12. Client will provide any/all images & content to our website admin to load with clear instructions where to load it on each page. We will get quote/timeline to client for this. Once approved/paid, we’ll put in queue to begin.

  13. Client will fill out this form and choose any Post Build Options:

  14. We will get quotes for all services requested and provide 1 quote to client. Once approved & paid, will implement immediately.

  15. All Systems Go: Client approves website as ready to launch and make LIVE.

  16. LIVE Website Specialist jumps in and makes the website LIVE and ready for the world, installs SSL, updates all urls & links, updates htaccess file, etc.

  17. SEO Specialist connects client’s Google Search Console & Google Analytics to website.

  18. Test website globally: