02 Sep

The Level of Your Website Investment Determines Your ROI

We’ve seen far too often how medium to large-sized companies continue to significantly underestimate the value of a well designed and built website…and it’s directly affecting their bottom line. 

They play the high-stakes gamble and lose every single time. Their hopes are trying to find the cheapest designer and developer who says they can get the job done fast and within their budget. Unfortunately, the result is always disastrous costing them more than they ever imagined. 

Don’t risk your company’s reputation by choosing the wrong website company!

Most of these companies have been around for 20+ years and may be generating an average of $50 million per year or more, yet they still don’t pull out all the stops when it comes to hiring a website design and development company for their business.

They ultimately want a website that generates new leads and sales for them.  A website that turns visitors into customers, where they have a great experience on their website.

Yet a large portion of these companies don’t invest the proper amount in order to achieve those results in an effort to try and adhere to their website allocation budget.

Invest in the Best for Your Company’s Future

When it comes to office supplies, phone providers, and other company essentials, by all means, go with the most cost effective route. However when it comes to your company’s website, you need to have a completely different mindset in your investment level, because it’s the direct online interface that your customer’s experience.

So if your website is disorganized, poorly designed, has an overall unappealing to your customer base, isn’t functioning properly, or it just isn’t simple and easy for customers to find what they want, they simply won’t purchase from you and will never come back to your website.

Your customers will ultimately find a competitor and purchase there. It’s going to strike you where it hurts most—your profits.

Take all this in mind and your website suddenly becomes a high priority asset with a required budget that needs to match your vision. It’s worth every cent, and you’ll be making your money back in no time with the right website representing your company and your brand. So don’t put your company at risk and watch your ROI suffer because of poor investment choices.

When hiring a website design and development is like a mirror reflection, in that it reflects who you want to create your company’s new website. If the company is a cheap and fast based website company, that’s the results you can expect your customers to receive…cheap, fast, and no forethought applied to your new website.

There are 2 key parts of a great website:

  1. Design: How well the design of the website is. One that not only attracts visitors, however also converts them into customers.
  2. Development: The other key part that goes widely unnoticed to the average person, is that of how well the website has been coded properly. The issue here is that most people will have no clue how great or poor the actual coding of their website has been built. The only viewpoint they can reference from is if the website itself functions correctly for the immediate when delivered to them.

The major caveat is that 3 months, or even 3 years down the road after the initial website has been delivered, can bring an onslaught of issues because if a cheap and fast website company created a poorly coded website on the backend, means your customers will have a painful and frustrating experience on your website because various parts throughout the website won’t work properly, costing you sales and your company’s reputation.

What to Look for in a Website Design and Development Company

Here’s how you can start:

Local Web Developers May Give Good Quotes BUT Offer Poor Deliverables

When hiring roofers, plumbers, painters, electricians and others, by all means…go local. However when it comes to web design and development, local does NOT equal better!

From the days of phone books, and rolodexes have gone by the wayside. The key now is we have to get our mind away from the idea that local equals better for web designers and developers!

Web designers and developers are not held by the same boundaries that brick and mortar businesses are. Therefore, your quest is then to find the best suited web designers and developers for your company within the United States!

Don’t hire local designers or developers simply because they are local! They may give you some of the cheapest rates for your website and may even promise a quick turnover for the final product. However, without the portfolio and expertise to back up their promises, you and this local website designer or developer are setting everyone up for a less than lackluster experience.

Local developers can promise low rates and fast turnover because they don’t understand the scope and breadth of the project at hand. And when they finally realize it, they rush it together at the last minute and you’re left wondering why you hired them in the first place.

That’s money down the drain that you could have saved if your company went with a web development company used to designing perfect websites!

Costs vs. Benefits (Local Is More Costly Than You Think!)

Some may argue that scenarios like this are not always the case, and surely there are some exceptions out there. But after hearing countless horror stories from other companies, we know that those exceptions are few and far between.

And looking at it from an objective standpoint, the costs simply outweigh the benefits.

For example, let’s look at some of the common misconceptions that convince well established, great companies to hire local web designers:

  • They provide cheaper rates than larger website development agencies
  • Since they’re local, easy communication will increase efficiency during the whole process
  • Local web designers have just as much experience and know-how as their larger counterparts
  • By supporting a local business, your company is investing in the wellbeing of the local economy

It’s not hard to see why many people believe local = better. It’s too bad that these statements never turn out to be true.

Instead, what’s more likely to happen is:

  • Local website designers will develop a horrible and unprofessional website that you wouldn’t be caught dead using to represent your company
  • They’ll remain silent on their end and refuse to/rarely communicate with your exec team about the key design elements and overall vision for your website
  • You’ll damage your company’s image for the sake of supporting an inexperienced and local web developer
  • Your investment goes to waste and you’ll have to start the process all over again

Trust a Website Company With a History of Success

Your company deserves more than what a local web developer can provide. Trust in a professional US web development company that has proven its mettle and can wield the perfect website for your business.

We understand that it’s not always easy to find the right website developer for your company, and cost is always a point of conversation. It takes time and requires a thorough evaluation of each developer’s strengths and weaknesses, the services and assets available at their disposal, and an in-depth conversation about your company and its greater mission.

If you want a checklist to help guide you in this process, check out our other article 7 Things to Look For Before Hiring a Website Design and Development Company. This should get you going in the right direction.

The cost, like when it comes to everything else in your business, is an investment. The extra cost ensures that your website will receive the TLC it needs to mature and be ready for the open market.

You’re also working with world-renowned website designers and developers who have access to a vast pool of resources. They coordinate their top-level designers with content writers and project managers, and they have a host of other services to ensure your website will not only look its finest but also run at its best.

The cost equals quality. And when your perfect website goes live, your company’s profits, customer experience, and brand will soar!

If you’re ready to match the level of your website investment with high ROI, then look no further than Levi Marketing!

Levi Marketing is a top-tier website design and development agency ready to take your online presence up a few notches.

It’s specifically because we’re an agency, you get the BENEFIT of having access to our top level website designers, developers, project managers, solution architects, content writers, image repository, SEO specialists, pagespeed specialists, hosting solutions, domain solutions, email solutions, and the list goes on and on.

That’s the benefit of working with Levi Marketing. You get the perfect website because that’s what we do, and we’re the best at it. We have a proven process, a stellar team, and we deliver when we say we will.

We get a clear picture of what you want BEFORE we start your project (not after), and get your approval before moving into the next phase each time.

Levi Marketing helps you with strategy because from our years of experience. We help you identify which of the millions of technical solutions are best for your company’s new website because we already know how to create exactly what you’re looking for.

Levi Marketing’s team is responsive when you need us, we’re never going to leave you hanging.

Contact us today and receive a free website strategy session with our team. We’ll help determine if we are the right fit for you.


Is the Extra Cost Really Worth the Investment?

Let’s put it this way…

Here’s what you get with a cheap and fast local based web designer and developer:
Here’s what you get with a top notch website design and development agency:

Which is right for your company?

Choose Levi Marketing Today!