19 Dec

What to Look For in a Web Development Company That You Can Trust

It’s become easier now for web development companies to grow organically and easier to perform in a higher level playing field alongside larger web development companies. Why? Web development has now

become an accessible commodity to them as it is to large companies. The high demand skillsets required to create an effective website for companies is now the essential key. Having a web site is no longer is as expensive and difficult as it used to be to be able to perform as effectively. Marketing products and services, and online shopping are filling up web sites with links that hasten the consummation of business transactions. When the experience and skillset grows within the company, so also do the results of each new project or website they create.

Web Development can either be a one page, simple text page developed by one person or a highly complex website linked to many other websites using web based apps and electronic techniques and utilizing social media as marketing outlet. A reliable, well experienced web developer can eliminate an entire team of several people, sometimes hundreds, who have extensive knowledge in web design and content development, web engineering, client liaison and side/server-side scripting, web server and network security configurations and e-commerce. Web Development has become synonymous to the Content Management System which is a middleware that allows regular users to make changes on their web sites.

To help in streamlining and simplifying company procedures and processes whilst avoiding errors, inefficiencies and the occurrence of unnecessary costs and expenses, one might want to consider the following criteria when outsourcing to a Web Development Company.

1. Full Range knowledge of every aspect of the business, which must include not only code writing but also research, and knowledge of the product or service being offered to know and have a hand in audits, quality control and risk assessments. This should include the criteria of domain expertise or that area that has to do with professional skills and professional development. Degrees, experience, and certifications of further training all determine proficiency.
2. Ability to use the necessary tools, latest methodologies, software and frameworks to enhance, hasten and ensure development and productivity. These need also to enhance team responsiveness.  This means a high level of responsiveness or un-delayed response time to get information across with timeliness. This of course is necessarily tied to the ability to communicate, listen, ask and probe. It has much to do with understanding language and cultural similarities as well as time zone and geographical locations. In other words, responsiveness includes also the ability to understand specific situations and implementing needed skills such as feedback, tracking and performance.
3. A good development team will be able to innovate, adjust, adopt and grow from specific situations and needs. Innovation does not have to involve extra costs or expense as a general rule. The team must be able to continuously look for ways to improve the website, test it, run it and do whatever it takes to keep the company in the picture.
4. The development team must be able to optimize collaboration between the company and its clients or customers. Thus, in continuously looking into ways to monitor a transaction, coordination between the two can be made possible.

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