19 Dec

Why Having the Proper Hosting is Essential to Your Website

WordPress hosting is as essential as the website itself. You can have the most amazing Website, however if the website is down, hacked,

has malware on it, slow to load pages, or any number of issues related to hosting, the user experience instantly goes down and you lose customers as a result.

Having a powerful tool for creating business sites, blogs, portfolios and anything imaginable in a business environment is absolutely essential. The Website’s hosting is a powerful platform that allows the user to get started almost as soon as they log in. It allows the immediate use of one’s own domain: .com, .org, .net and it gives the user the capability to map out their existing domain name. Plus it boasts of hundreds of superior themes that allow the use of colorful maps, graphs and stats. And the best thing is that they have 24 hour support for customers. You can chat, email and call them whenever you feel the need for support.

Proper hosting will enable you to optimize your Website capabilities. Thus it is prudent to choose the best hosting company. But the question is – which hosting company, among a dizzyingly many, will do just that within your budget? Are there still shared or managed hosting services?  Public servers like the “cloud” have specific value and enormous memory included in their packages.  The other option that VPS-Cloud has for its customers, are co-locations where they can put their box in a data center.

What host to choose is a life-changing decision to a lot of people, especially those who use the web for their livelihood or business. Here are two hosting services that I recommend and will discuss why I would choose them over others.

1.    Synthesis
2.    VPS (Cloud)

There are others who charge low prices but have hidden charges.  Then they sneak in unauthorized ads. Slow response time and they’re also unresponsive to the needs of their clients are the common complaints. Another one is their inability to update plug-ins and security which is vital for Word Press website users.
Synthesis and VPS allow for:

⦁ Optimized performance
⦁ Theme Support
⦁ Cutting Edge Value

For instance, Synthesis has proven themselves with the millions of views that they receive monthly. They are topnotch when it comes to performance and lock-down security, always updated, and always lightning fast when it comes to performance without much strain on the budget. In addition, Synthesis allows for

⦁ Linus Optimization.
⦁ All well-coded themes to work on it.
⦁ Synthesis has an uptime checker called the Site Sensor.
⦁ They have backups that can be controlled by their users and customers.

Like Synthesis, the VPS team has proven themselves when it comes to technical, progressive and pro-active mental set.

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