19 Dec

A Clean Coded Website Ensures Peace of Mind for Years to Come

Web designers and programmers agree that a 100% clean coded website will bring peace of mind for years to come. Beautifully kept IT language is clean coded. Basically, clean coded means the website

program is built correctly to begin with so that 6 months or 3 years from now, there shouldn’t be any issues from the coding when making updates or additions to your website.

Clean code is easy to understand when the original author or someone else can read it easily. This lessens the possibility of misunderstanding and guesswork. It should be easy to understand at every level. The author or programmer trying to read the code should understand the execution flow of the whole application. It is easy to see how each object in the code bands together, the role and purpose of each class, object, expression and variable, are easily understood.

A clean code is easy to change, extend and refactor. It is easy to fix glitches and bugs in the code base. And while doing the changes meaning adding, extending or refactoring, the existing utility is not changed. The characteristics of a clean code are simple classes and methods with single responsibilities, predictable and works as expected, tests are easy to understand, execute and change. Clean coded websites also have classes with clear and concise public API’s or Application Program Interfaces.

As years go by, and the original programming is changed, added to and upgraded, having a clean coded program will ensure that existing functions as well as future functions will run smoothly. Having a clean code also detects and fixes bugs and glitches easily which means less downtime for your website. Ensuring your website has a clean code helps your future ventures in the site, such as adding new features.

A clean code can also benefit your SEO efforts. A clean coded website program is easily understood by search engines which gives your site the chance to rank more highly. The shorter the time it takes a search engine to find the content it is searching for the better the chance for first page ranking.

Clean coding don’t happen overnight, either. As with any skill, this takes time and patience. Clean code ensures good utility and less time for fixes which will equate to savings in time and money as well as more time for income generation. Websites are created to produce more sales, online presence and branding. A clean coded website ensures productive use of the site and end user satisfaction. A clean coded site brings in more money and savings in the present as well as the future. Plus helps in your SEO targeting.

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