12 Jun

The Importance of Having a Responsive and Mobile-friendly Website

It might seem obvious, but consumers continue to seek a more user-friendly means to shop and do business. One highly competitive market is mobile consumerism.

People have smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and a variety of other mobile devices of all shapes and sizes to connect to the internet. It’s a large market that would be a lost if your company didn’t stay up-to-date with today’s consumers. That’s why it is important to have a responsive and mobile-friendly website to cater to the billions of mobile users in the world today.

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is a website that adapts its text, images, and figures to fit the device screen of the user. This makes it easy to see all the necessary information on one screen with minimal scrolling and zooming. Otherwise, it would be frustrating for the user to enlarge small text or have to scroll horizontally to read just a single sentence.

To have the website transform in this way, it takes careful and detailed coding or web templates. Without it, the website will either show as it does on a desktop-sized screen or the layout will be jumbled in an attempt to fit everything onto the smaller screen.

You don’t want to be caught in a situation like that! It’s safe to say that your website isn’t responsive if you haven’t had your web developer design it with all this in mind.

Is a responsive website automatically mobile-friendly?

Most people without website experience would assume that a responsive website and a mobile-friendly website are the same thing. The truth is that they aren’t. A responsive website might not be mobile-friendly at all!

You might be wondering how this could be. Well, the difference is that a responsive website just adjusts content for the device screen. A mobile-friendly website is designed with specific traits that are favored by mobile users.

Some of these traits are:

  • Proper spacing between links so that users can accurately click on the one they want
  • Purposeful graphic content for navigation between pages and to stand in for missing text
  • User-friendly layouts that appeal to mobile users
  • Mobile-specific forms for contacts and subscriptions
  • Quick and easy page navigation

These are only a few of the many traits that make a website mobile-friendly. And often times, these details can be integrated with responsive web design!

Why Your Website Should be Responsive and Mobile Ready

Now that you understand a little about responsive and mobile-friendly web design, you might be asking why you should upgrade your website to meet these standards. Some of them are obvious, and there are many reasons why you should.

Below, we list five of the most important ones you should know.

1) More People are Using Mobile Devices

As we mentioned before, billions of people across the world use mobile devices for their everyday needs. This is because mobile devices offer immediate access and gratification. You can take them with you in your pocket, in your briefcase or purse, and even on your wrist!

Mobile devices are also more often used during leisure time outside of work. People are more likely to play games, surf the web, and check social media from their mobile devices than from their desktop nowadays. It’s just more efficient, and you can do all of this wherever you go.

2) Customers Shop from Their Phones and Tablets

And since more people rely on their phone or tablets than their desktops, they are more likely to shop from them as well. It’s already common knowledge that ecommerce is growing exponentially. It’s simply something that can’t be ignored by any serious business!

So if your website isn’t responsive and mobile-ready, then you are missing out on a big source of revenue for your business.

3) Social Media is a Valuable Asset

Social media is probably one of the greatest contributors to the mobile user movement. People can share and review what they like, and comment on what they don’t like.

You don’t want a poor review of your business from not having a mobile-friendly website! You want social media to be a valuable tool for your business and bring you positive customer traffic to your website.

4) It Can Improve Your SEO Ranking

Believe it or not, a responsive and mobile-friendly website could greatly improve your SEO ranking. This is because Google incentivizes positive user experience on the web.

However, you cannot just expect your standard, non-mobile-friendly website to rig Google’s algorithm. Just because it works for desktops doesn’t mean they do for mobile devices too. Google actually has a separate algorithm for mobile websites that center around bounce rate and click-back times.

So if your website isn’t up to par, you will be losing customers and Google could penalize your website. That’s not a risk worth taking!

5) Overall Better User experience with Your Brand

And finally, having a responsive and mobile-friendly website will ensure an all-around better user experience with your customers. You will be meeting them where they’re at and serving their best interests.

Customers won’t be frustrated with your business’s clunky website that doesn’t fit properly on their phone and hinders their overall experience.

A Responsive and Mobile-friendly Website is an Asset for Your Business!

By this point, we hope you understand what a responsive and mobile-friendly website is and why it is so important for your business. By building in these features into one URL, you will be making it easy, affordable and profitable to manage your web presence.

When you take in consideration all of the benefits of having a mobile-friendly website, your company will be on its way to reaching a higher return on investment!

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